RFD DESIGNS | The Process
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The Process

How Does This All Work?

1. Initial Briefing

This is the first step where I ask questions to determine what your goals are and the best way to to incorporate them into your website. Some of this process may seem uncomfortable, but necessary for you to receive the best service possible.<br />

2. Sitemap

During this stage I will take all of the information gained and create a sitemap. Making sure that we agree on your websites structure before the design work begins. <a href=``https://rfddesigns.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/LHN-Sitemap.png``>Check out one I've already cooked up.</a>

3. The Prototype

The next step is to provide you with a functional prototype instead of just telling you and hoping you can imagine what my solution will consist of. There will be no attention paid to design during this phase, it won't look amazing but will get us close to where we want to be.

4. Design

This is where the fun starts and I get out my paintbrush and easel out to bring the prototype in line with your branding and message.

5. Delivery

This is where I will dive deep for a couple of weeks and make sure all the moving parts are installed and working properly, next I'll migrate the site to your hosting server and you can show off your brand new website to the world.