RFD DESIGNS | Monte Carlo Productions
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Monte Carlo Productions

About This Project

URL: https://montecarloprod.com

Work Done:

  • This is an ongoing client of mine that is a successful party production company based in Atlanta, GA. On my first job with them, I was brought in to help fix their slow running homepage. The homepage was overloaded with large sized images and a Facebook feed that would load videos on every page refresh that added another 3MB -7MB in size to the page. Once I finished the page load speed was taken down from 16 seconds to 4 seconds and the size of the page went from 12MB – 14MB.
  • I also created a catalog for them to display all of their rental props using a plugin but had to manually create the front page of the catalog using HTML, CSS, and media breakpoints. The original plugin didn’t give them the freedom to display a navigation menu to the side of the list and style it as well. (Photo in portfolio images).
  • Recently I had to manually update the site because the original designer changed the theme used to a custom name but once I figured out which one was used I upgraded their theme through FTP on a test server. Having done that I recreated every page one by one (62 total) because a lot of the themes options had been changed. Also created a child theme because the original developer did not.
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